MINDSET provides project development, data acquisition, image analysis, neuroinformatics services, physicist and engineering support, and a number of other consulting services.


MINDSET has expert staff who can provide customaized training in data acquisition and data analysis, as well as software, engineering, and physicist support. Learn more


MINDSET offers a variety of educational seminars for researchers, students, lawyers, and judges. Learn more

Scientific Consultation

MINDSET has expert staff who can provide project development, data acquisition, image analysis, neuroinformatics services, physicist, and engineering support. We also offer legal consultation. Call or email us with your research or legal question for a free consultation. Learn more

Diagnostic & Biomarker Development

MINDSET can collect a wide-range of imaging and neurophysiological factors that can serve as both targets and intermediate biomarkers of drug effects in a wide-range of clinical conditions. Learn more


The data-driven approach of MINDSET principals to analyzing data across multiple studies and from multiple modalities set them apart from other groups that do neuroimaging research. Learn more

Informatics & Algorithms

MINDSET offers cutting-edge neuroinformatics data collection and storage tools with features like tablet entry and real-time query functions. Use of our neuroinformatics suite include access to over 19,000 MRI, MEG, and EEG scans and over 180,000 clinical assessments, one of the largest databases in the country. Learn more

Medical Imaging

MINDSET consults on all aspects of medical imaging: From the development of novel pulse sequences to off line reconstruction, from creating labs to setting up clinical workspace, to advising universities or other entities on what type of scanner to buy. Learn more


SPOTLIGHT: MINDSET Forensic Expert Consultation

What are the strengths of our case consultation practice?

MINDSET’s forensic consultation practice is based on the premise that the adversarial system would greatly benefit from having consulting experts who seek to educate the parties as to the science that is relevant to their case. In addition to this goal of providing scientific education to the lawyers involved in litigation, we seek to provide comprehensive case review services (where we review a case file and make recommendations as to what type of testing and expertise would be warranted in a broad range of areas) as well as put the lawyers in touch with testifying experts whose research and experience are directly relevant to their current case.

We also seek to bring some healthy objectivity into the expert consultation arena. We do this by explaining to the client that our analysis and interpretation of data will be done in an un-biased manner, without reference to any desire on your part or that of the client to demonstrate the presence or lack of abnormalities. We want the data and the literature relevant to any particular case to be able to speak for itself.


Want to learn more about MINDSET’s services? Email or call us at 1.505.249.7058 for a free consultation.



  • The Impact of Neuroimages in the Sentencing Phase of Capital Trials

    A recent study, co-authored by The Mind Research Network's Kent A. Kiehl, PhD., found that neuroimage evidence introduced during a sentencing trial was more persuasive than other forms of evidence in advancing the arguments and moving verdicts in the direction the party introducing the neuroimages desired. Read more

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