COINS enables rapid sharing of data among Investigators, querying of data types and assessments, tablet data entry, and real-time reporting, among other functionalities.
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Medical Imaging

Siemens 3T Trio with Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) Application Suite

The Trio 32-channel system represents state-of-the-art in MRI hardware. It is capable of BOLD EPI, diffusion-tensor imaging, arteriole spin labeling, perfusion and diffusion imaging, and spectroscopy. With 32 usable receiver channels as standard, the system allows for the use of 4 to 16 current-phased array coils to improve sensitivity and speed of acquisition, and is ready for future coil designs with more than 16 elements. Also installed, are the Biopac MP150 Data Acquisition System (BIOPAC Systems Inc., and the GSR EDA Galvanic Skin Response Amplifier (GSR100C; BIOPAC Systems Inc, – to provide reliable and consistent real-time monitoring of skin conductance responses.

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