Principals of MINDSET Principals help Universities design and negotiate the purchase of their MRI scanners.


MINDSET Principals have been awarded multiple NSF and NIH grants in basic and applied neuroscience and are standing members of NIH study sections. The Principals, scientists at the Mind Research Network (MRN), have a wide variety of research interests and currently have funding to investigate neurodevelopment, psychosis, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, genetics, and forensic populations.

Through their research at MRN, MINDSET principals have developed a data-driven approach for analyzing data across multiple studies. This approach sets them apart from other groups that do neuroimaging research. In addition to state-of-the-art neuroimaging resources, the ability to analyze neuroimaging data with large numbers of subjects, especially for clinical populations, they have collected and analyzed data sets on thousands of research participants, and set up a framework to automatically analyze the data, thereby making efficient, practical data mining of this vast resource possible.

MINDSET principals have pioneered the development of Independent Component Analysis (ICA)-based, data-driven analysis strategies for the identification of hidden biomarker profiles that provide for accurate diagnosis of disease and/or prediction of responsivity to therapeutic intervention. For example, using ICA-based methods, members of the MRN team have recently found that relapse in a cocaine drug abuse group could be partly predicted as a function of the level of activity in a specific part of the brain. MINDSET principals have also conducted fMRI studies on the effects of antipsychotic dosage on neural modulation, and is currently involved with studies on nicotine and alcohol addiction that evaluate the immediate effects of these substances as well as the effects of chronic administration.

MINDSET principals’ analysis methods are currently being applied to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, and neurodevelopment. MINDSET offers their collaborative informatics and neuroimaging suite (COINS; to provide researchers with an information system that currently hosts data from nine institutions, over 300 studies, over 14,000 subjects, and over 19,000 MRI, MEG, and EEG scan sessions, and more than 180,000 clinical assessments.

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