COINS enables rapid sharing of data among Investigators, querying of data types and assessments, tablet data entry, and real-time reporting, among other functionalities.
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Scientific, Forensic, and Clinical Consultation

MINDSET offers consulting services in three primary areas: scientific, legal, and clinical.

Scientific Consultation

MINDSET consults on all aspects of work and research related to medical imaging: from the development of novel pulse sequences to off line reconstruction, from creating laboratories to setting up clinical workspace, from the basics of experimental design, through data acquisition, to the most advanced analysis of imaging data being performed today, to advising universities or other entities on what type of scanner to buy, MINDSET can help you with whatever imaging challenge you or your department are facing.

From study conception and design to publication of results, MINDSET can help you maximize your resources and get the best results. Design a better study and you find more effects in your data. There are so many variables that can affect the quality of the neuroimaging data that many researchers are unaware of and thus overlook. MINDSET can tell you the top 10 mistakes that researchers make with the acquisition of fMRI data.

MINDSET principals will work with you to ensure the protocols, scan sequences, etc. are the most effective ways of testing your hypotheses. By using the data collection and analysis methods the MINDSET principals have developed over the last twenty years you will achieve a higher quantity and quality of usable data and results. The better your results the more likely you will be able to publish in top tier journals, and the more likely you will be competitive in applications for funding.

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Forensic Consultation

MINDSET offers consulting expertise for individual legal cases. MINDSET provides imaging, behavioral evaluation, and a number of other services in connection with both civil and criminal cases. Case consultation includes education for the legal team regarding the applicable science as well as a review of the relevant body of scientific literature as it relates to issues germane to the individual client and case.

The goal of MINDSET's forensic consultation practice is to help lawyers support their arguments with peer-reviewed, published, well-validated research and connect lawyers with  consulting experts with excellent academic credentials. There are so many issues that arise in the course of trials that can be informed by research; not only biomedical research but other research disciplines such as the social and behavioral sciences. MINDSET has an extensive network of consulting experts that are nationally renowned experts if their fields of evidence law generally and scientific evidence specifcally, constitutional law, eyewitness testimony, genetics, neuroimaging, risk assessment relating to general recidivism and violent recidivism, mental illness and particularly psychosis (shizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.), personality disorders, statistics, assessment and treatment of violent adolescents, and risk assessment and treatment of sexual offenders.

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Also visit our pages on mental health evaluations or our risk assessment expertise for more information about our specific services.

Clinical Consultation

MINDSET principals are currently consulting with outside groups for developing pre-surgical mapping of tumors, malformations, and other types of cerebral insult. If you have a clinical area that may benefit from any of MINDSET principals' areas of expertise please contact us.

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