MINDSET analysis methods are currently being applied to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, neurodevelopment and a number of other research areas.

Our Customers


Whether you are an early stage investigator focused on imaging studies or an experienced researcher looking to add an imaging component to a research study, your research will benefit from the experience of MINDSET principals. MINDSET offers data collection and study management tools (see our COINS packages), data analysis and re-analysis services using the most advanced algorithms, grantsmanship training from standing members of NIH study section, and scientific consultation services.

From study conception and design to publication of results, MINDSET can help you maximize your resources and get the best results. Design a better study and find more effects in your data. There are so many variables that can affect the quality of the neuroimaging data acquired that many researchers are unaware of and thus overlook.

MINDSET principals will work with you to ensure the protocols, scan sequences, etc. are the most effective ways of testing your hypotheses. By using the data collection and analysis methods the MINDSET principals have developed over the last twenty years you will achieve a higher quantity and quality of usable data and results. The better your data and results, the more likely you are to be able to publish your findings in top tier journals, and the more likely you are to be competitive in applications for funding.

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MINDSET provides imaging, behavioral evaluation, expert consultation, and a number of other services in connection with individual legal cases. Case consultation includes education for the legal team regarding the applicable science as well as a review of relevant bodies of published, peer-reviewed literature as it relates to issues germane to the individual client and case. One of the goals of our case consultation services are to help lawyers use only peer-reviewed and respected technology and science to support their arguments. We have an extensive network of consulting experts with excellent academic credentials.

One of our areas of expertise is neuroscience consultation. Many civil and criminal cases today involve an assessment of the client’s or defendant’s mental health and an evaluation for potential neurological damage. Civil cases may require a medical and mental health evaluation of a party, including a complete neuropsychological evaluation and scans (MRI, EEG, etc). MINDSET provides all of those services. In criminal cases, due process requires an adequate investigation into a defendant's mental history when appropriate and, if justified, "additional testing" to assist in evaluating the defendant's condition. “Additional testing” has come to encompass brain scans as medical experts state with increasing frequency that such technology enables them to make a more complete and accurate assessment of the defendant’s neurological and psychological state.

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Pharmaceutical Companies

MINDSET principals offer invaluable expertise for CNS clinical trials, especially when there is an interest in neurobiological pre-stratification of patients, identification of biomarkers for tracking disease progression, and/or identification of baseline multivariate profiles that can be used on a subject-by-subject basis to predict responsivity to neuroactive compounds. Using different imaging modalities and their unique state-of-the-art image analysis capabilities, MINDSET can detect drug effects and mechanisms that would be missed in traditional clinical trial paradigms.

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Hospitals, Universities, Physicians, and Clinicians

MINDSET principals have experience designing laboratory space on a small and large scale. From individual laboratories involving a handful of scientists to designing the infrastructure and layout and entire research centers, MINDSET can consult with Universities to maximize efficiency, select ideal location for the scanner, as well as advise and help negotiate the purchase of major scanning equipment. Principals of MINDSET have helped a number of Universities and Research Centers negotiate the purchase of their MRI scanners.

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