MINDSET analysis methods are currently being applied to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, neurodevelopment and a number of other research areas.

Physicians, Clinicians, Universities & Hospitals

MINDSET works with physicians, clinicians, universities and hospitals.

For hopsitals, MINDSET offers pre-surgical mapping services and will work with clinicians or hospitals anywhere in the country to implement pre-surgical mapping assessments. Email us or call 505.249.7058 about pre-surgical mapping consultation and services.

For universities, MINDSET principals have experience designing laboratory space on a small and large scale. From individual laboratories involving a handful of scientists to designing the infrastructure and layout and entire research centers, MINDSET can consult with universities to maximize efficiency, select ideal location for the scanner, as well as advise and help negotiate the purchase of major scanning equipment. Principals of MINDSET have helped Ohio State University, University of Toronto, and Yale University negotiate the purchase of their MRI scanners.

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